laundromat and more comment spam

So last night I took my big comforter to the laundromat to get clean it in one of their big washing machines. So the huge washer I put it in was $5 and then I moved it to the dryer and ended up putting in about another $2 to dry it...and by the end of the time...I was just tired of putting money in and it wasn't getting any dryer. So the laundromat also tested my attention. I brought the book I am reading. So there's TV's on, a kid or two running around, people coming in and out. It was really hard to pay attention to the book...even though I did get 100 pages read or so.

After stuffing 2 dollars into the dryer, I had enough and just thought, yeah this could fit in my dryer. So I took it home...a little damp in a few places, but mostly dry. And yes it does fit in my dryer. So after two cycles in my dryer (ie drying for somewhere around 3 hours, on low) it was finally done. So I folded it up (while talking on the phone with Shannon) and put it upstairs.

I have this huge stack of bedding that is waiting for the bed. Four more days!

So on my personal website, I got a slew more comments...from...spammers. It's just great. So I banned their IP addresses from making comments again. Woo! Although I'm suspecting it's coming from a network of computers, considering they're all advertising the same site, and thier ip addresses are drastically diffrent.