so in the mornings I'm finding I'm spending more and more time on the internet...this is getting silly...I need to just get up and start my walk, rather then checking my email and etc.

Also...I have now removed my two slices of toast from my morning ritual...not cause toast is bad, but because I put so much butter on them, that I really probably shouldn't...So now I have a serving size of cereal, instead of a bowl, and no toast.

I think this is brought about by Brandon. Brandon has started excersizing (like I have been for the last year or so), but he has also changed his diet. He's had a very effective couple of months here (loosing about 2/3rds of the weight that I lost since I started keeping track), so I figure if I can control myself from my arch-nemsis of over eating, then I can loose even more weight...since, for the last couple of weeks here, I've been stuck around a particular weight.