Tuesday night and being busy

So yesterday after work, I drove home, set my DVR to record my friend Courtie on the news, changed and headed over to Josh's for a nice of geekery.

So it started off with some Diablo II, then we ran back to my house and grabbed Gran Truismo 4 and headed back to Josh's, played that a bit. Then we watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Of course, as if often the case at Josh's and that couch, I fell asleep.

So this reminds me of the couch o' Death that I had in college. It would pull you in and slowly eat you alive and it was very hard to get out of...and 30 minute naps would turn into 4 hours, and you had no choice in the matter.

But it was fun. I got home just after midnight and went straight to bed.

This morning, since I didn't even setup my laptop when I got home, I went straight on my walk and even had time to make myself a lunch today.

So recently I've been fairly busy, and it's been pretty nice. Tonight, I'm going over to hang out with Shannon, tomarrow going to a comedy show, Friday...not sure yet, but probably something with Shannon. Saturday Day is the spelling bee here in Des Moines, and Saturday night, more time with Shannon.

It's something else...more often now the time I spend at home is just cleaning or laundry or sleeping or etc, otherwise I have someone over, or am out somewhere else.