a time for...

So the original plan was Shannon would come over here and do laundry, however, since the bed delivery people said they would be at her place between 6-8 PM, so that kinda put a squash on that, so I just went over to her place instead. And when I got there, dinner was served! It was quite nice. Chicken over a bed of cheesy noodles. Tastey. We waited for the bed people to get there and when they did, they quickly moved it in and took her old one out.

So she made her bed and we sat down to watch a nice cheezy movie, Half Baked. After the movie got over, Shannon had a bit of a craving, so we headed over to Maggie Moo's and had some ice cream on a cold winters night. It was pretty good. I told her that she also needed to try Bauder's Ice Cream too. That should be good.

So afterwards we headed back to her place and watched part of The Breakfast Club then the news. We then made our good byes and I headed home and she headed to her brand new bed.

So on the other side of the spectrum of life. I made some statments today on how I feel about a friend. Maybe the statements are way off base, and maybe they are not, but it is the way I feel. Hopefully this will establish some much needed boundries.

But here's the thing, I don't like being made to feel guilty for, doing my job, spending time with my girlfriend, spending time with other friends, spending time with people I don't get to see very often, being busy and etc.

Anyways, hopefully things will improve in a defined fashion.