comedy, donor, and tutoring

So a bit ago I actually registered to donate my body parts to others, science and etc when I die. In Iowa, you actually have to register at the Iowa Donor Registry to do so. And then they send you a card, which you sign and send back in. I've always had "Organ Donor" marked on my driver's license, so I guess this is official.

This morning I also got permission from my boss to take of early on Wed. afternoons to tutor Children for the Youth Incentives program (that my friend Jen runs. So now I get to fill out some paper work, pass my background check and I should be good to go.

Earlier tonight Brandon, Val, Chris, Holly, Dusty, Jen, Shannon and I went to the Funny Bone and saw JR Brow. It was pretty funny. there is something about seeing a comedian live with other people that makes it a better experience. I took Shannon home and we hung out there for a little bit, before she kicked me out (around 10:30).

Oh and this past night, marks our one month of dating anniversery. I gave her her tupperware back :)

So I headed over to the Hy-vee on the corner of Railroad and Grand, and walked through the store looking for sandwhich bags and etc, and after two passes, I gave up and headed to the one over in Windsor Heights. I found what I needed (milk, sandwhich bags, bread, etc) and made my purchase and went home. Oh they had 3 new flavors of Ben and Jerry's ice cream uh...I bought all three...

I had this big long rant, about something that happened when I got home, but you know what, I just don't care. If they don't get why I'm I think that boundries need to be established and why it upsets me that they are trying to use guilt to have me spend more time with them, then they probably never will.

So tonight I ordered tickets for Miss Saigon and Grease at the Civic Center. I'll be going to Miss Saigon with Holly, Chris, Holly's Sister and Shannon. And Grease with just Shannon. I really miss going to plays and the like, but I've always felt like I couldn't go by myself. But I don't have to, now, I guess. I remember going to the Cedar Rapids symphony and some plays, musicals and ballet when I was younger. But it really has been years since I've gone to that kind of show.

I feel really comfortable with Shannon. She gives me crap, she lets me be my geeky self, she's mellow, and I enjoy her company. I really look forward to seeing her. Like when I left her apartment, just a few hours ago, I really started looking forward to the call I'll get tomarrow so we can be around each other tomarrow, even if she may just be making me watch Titanic. Even though I've purposely avoided watching that movie, It doesn't bother me in the slightest, cause it's what she wants to do (and what she wants to expose me too).