Talking and future plans

So I got the word yesterday that Shannon can't get the Saturday off work to go to Minneapolis and the Handsome Boy Modeling School show.

I'm still going to the show. Earlier that same week, I'm also going up there to see Queens of the Stone Age.

So next Sunday (not easter, the next one), We'll be heading down to Cedar Rapids to go to my youngest brother's viola recitial. Then the April 16th, we're going to see Grease at the Civic Center, and April 24th we'll be seeing Miss Saigon at the Civic Center.

In May, the weekend of the 20th, we'll be going down to Cedar Rapids again to see her nephew perform dance...

So we were talking that since we couldn't do the weekend trip, that we should do another one in May. So now we are talking about going to the Kansas City Zoo and maybe visiting one of her friends that lives in Kansas City.

Who would've thought that I'd be this busy? Anyways I love it and I love spending time with her and I love her (yes that's sappy, byte me :-P ).

Since Shannon said that she wanted to have at least some sort of celebration for the easter holiday, I went down to Chocolaterie STAM and picked up some little bunnys (white, milk and dark chocolate) and a medium sized chocolate bunny.