a couple of days and a few things

So coming up here in just over a week is our two month anniversary (April 3) and just a little beyond that (April 6) is my one year anniversary of writing a journal (not all of it is on LiveJournal, the first journal entrys are only on my website). So I don't think I've ever been happier in my life. I read over some of my past journal entries and I can tell that my mood is much improved then it was at the very begining of the year or late last year. It's quite something.

So the last few days I have been waking up before my alarm went off...and not in such a manner where I can go back to sleep...or that it's so close to the time that my alarm goes off, that I can just get up either. So since I have been falling behind on my Harry Potter reading (not as much free time now), I have read for a bit each morning...and have about a third of the book I'm reading now left.

So Thursday, I headed over to Shannon's to try to rent a copy of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, because Shannon wants to see it. But since it just came out, it was not availble. It seems to be that way quite a bit to us, but I guess that is to be expected. We did, however find Ray, which we had been trying to get for a while, and we also got Envy, which is probably terrible, but well...I seem to have an attraction bad movies. She had a strong desire for a burger, so we headed over to Sonic. I had never had it before, but Shannon seemed to think it was ok, so we headed there, picked up food, and headed back to her place.

So since Ray was due on Saturday, we watched it first, and it was a good movie. Although they had the "extended" edition on the DVD was just...well...annoying with much so that we started the movie on the theatrical edition and fast forwarded to where we were at in the movie. The food from sonic, I thought, was purely meh, but the drinks were pretty good. Shortly after Ray was done, we made our goodbyes and I got the boot.

Friday, as a work day, came and went, and it was probably one of the most unproductive days I've had in a long time. We ended up cutting out a bit early and heading over to Rookies and had a few beers before I went home and got ready for going out Friday night. When Shannon was ready, I went over and got her. So we decided to go to Rock Bottom. I had the Brewer's Club and she had the chicken fried chicken. That place has good food and I'm only 4 visits away from my next prize. So part of dinner conversation, somehow got turned towards marriage and weddings, and after a bit, we both decided that it was early to start talking about these sorts of things, so we change the subject. Afterwards, we headed over to Josh's and watched the last 20 minutes or so of Candyman. We then burned a little time watching basketball, not by choice, some video games, and then finally headed over to Plaza Lanes, for EXTREME Bowling. Josh, Shannon and I met up, eventually, with Courtney, Angela and a few of their friends. Eventually Jen and Torrey showed up. And Drew dropped by. So after sitting around for a bit, the bowling finally started, so it was Courtney and Angela and Josh on one lane, and Shannon, Jen and Torrey and I on the lane next to them. So the first game, Jen beat the pants off of us, the second game, I almost won, but in the final frame Torrey pulled into a 3 pin lead. We played part of a third game, where we finally gave up and called it a night (right before they were gonna shut of the lanes anyways). We were packing up getting ready to go, and Matt and Rich stopped by. They had been bowling on the other side of the alley.

So we loaded up into Josh's car (Josh, Shannon and I) headed back over to his house and then left from there back to Shannons. We got there at around 2:15 in the morning, I gave her a backrub and foot rub, and we made our goodbyes and then she gave me the boot. Good heavens, I love that girl.

So now to drastically change the subject, So a few days ago one of the light bulbs burned out in my upstairs bathroom. So I would kinda play with it here and there and hope to figure out how it opened. Not seeing how this was done, I thought that maybe it was from the from the attic. So I grabbed a chair and peeked around up there to see what I could see...and wasn't much...but I have finally looked at the last part of my house. Seeing nothing, I went back to playing with the light fixture, and the whole unit face kinda is on a arm that can be pulled away from the ceiling. So then I finally changed the lightbulb.

Yesterday, I signed all the new papers to refinance my second mortgage and roll in a bunch of other debt into it. The rate isn't that good, but it will allow me to get out of a cycle of debt that I've been slowly weening myself from since college (cause I was extra stupid back then).

So here's a picture of Shannon and I in the bowling Alley.

And Josh has a few more pictures between that night and his party...where he tells a story.