Saturday night and planning a three day weekend.

So I'm sitting here drinking an herbal tea...I've had some junk in my lungs...not much, but enough to be annoying. So I thought maybe something hot would help. This morning I also turned (not flipped, cause it's a pillow top) my mattress for the first time. I'm also washing my sheets after thier first use. That mattress is kinda a pain to turn around, but I don't want to end up like my matress that I ended up tossing and getting an air mattress. A little preventative maintainance can go a long ways for some things. So I figured, why not. But I guess that also means that I have had my bed for a month now.

So yesterday we both had to clean, so that's what I did in the morning. I swept the floors, vacuumed the carpet under the couch, and the stairs going upstairs. And I gave a good cleaning to the bathrooms, cause they needed it. Swiffered the kitchen and bathrooms. It's a lot better looking now. I should've done more cleaning, but I got bored and sat down to play some video games.

So around 5 Shannon gives me a call and I headed over there. So we sit around a bit and chat and then we talk about what we want to do for dinner. So since she's been in an extra mood for Chocolate and other things, I decided that we could try to knock out two of her favorite things, chocolate and cheesecake. So we headed over to The Cheesecake Factory. So we actually got rock star parking over there. We parked right next to it. Instead of like some other times where we have to walk a quarter of a mile just to get between the mall and where we can park.

We didn't even have to wait for to long to get seated. So I ordered the Meatloaf dinner and she had a shrimp pasta, and I made the observation that even though she's stated she's not a big fan of fish, she sure does like shrimp. And this is true. So we talked for a bit and then swung the conversation to going to Kansas City. So the tentative plan is to make a three day weekend of it. Take off work on Friday the 13th...heh...I don't think we realized it then...but that's kinda funny. So head down Friday the 13th and come back Sunday the 15th. This is the weekend before her nephew's dance performance.

So she had the Godiva Cheesecake and I had the Carrot Cake Cheesecake. Both were pretty good. I also had a glass of Remy VSOP...although if I knew how much they were gonna charge for it, I probably would've saved my money and just bought bottle a (it was about 1/5th the price of a bottle).

So we headed back to her place, and watched Envy...which was, as I suspected, not very all. Oh well. So when I took the movie out of her DVD player, She stretched out on the couch and swithced it to FX where they were rerunning the last season of Nip/Tuck. So we ened up kinda napping, next to each other, initially her on the couch, and me on the floor (cause her couch is kinda small) and then both of us on the couch. So when Enterprise came on, we watched it. It was an decent episode, I suppose, other then the premise of what they were doing was entirely flawed.

So after Enterprise, I got the boot and we made our good byes and I went home to go to bed.

So for Easter, today, we're gonna go eat brunch somewheres. Maybe at the Waveland, or some other place...we haven't really decided.