Easter Sunday and it's Official

So...a few things right off the bat here...Congrats to Alissa and her man (yeah sorry his name is slipping my mind right now), who are now officially engaged and will be getting married in June, I believe. That'll be all my sisters. Now all that remains is myself, Joseph and Isaac (13).

So Sunday around noon, I went over to get Shannon after she had picked up her payment for cat-sitting. And we headed to the Waveland Cafe...which was closed. So we thought about where else to go. And we started heading towards 80 and then decided to try the The Machine Shed, and drove there. So we turned into the parking lot, and immediately turned around and headed out. The parking lot was overflowing, so we decided that it'd probably not be too dreadfully likely to get a table in any reasonable amount of time. We headed further west, kinda towards Granite City and ended up going to Craker Barrel. While we were waiting we sat down on a two person rocking chair and rocked and talked. It was kinda nice. Our name was called and we headed in and had a good breakfast.

So we headed back to my house and broke out my laptop and planned our trip to Kansas City. We made hotel reservations and everything. I'm excited. It's really the first time I've ever gone a trip with a girlfriend. So after we did that, Shannon ended up falling asleep, and I ended up finishing off the laundry that I started that morning (sheets and towels). So we ended up watching some movies and some cheesy tv and about when I was gonna take her home, My parents called so I talked with them a bit and then took her home. We made our goodbyes and I headed back to my house.