shopping, dinosaur, and baking cookies

So Wednesday I headed over to Shannon's and we went to eat at El Aguila Real. And then I told her that we were going shopping. She said that she had a need of some things earlier to match her black dress for the musical performance we are going to this weekend, but she couldn't buy them at this time, so I decided that I would get them for her. Not cause she asked, cause she didn't, but becuase I insisted. At her request, we went to the Super Target, and I got what I needed (drain cleaner and deodorant, yes I know, thrilling), and then we spent the next while shopping for her.

Now I gotta say that there is a huge section of target dedicated to women's underthings, and it dwarfs the men's selection by a whole lot. I kinda felt like I didn't belong there, but I followed her around and held our little basket. So she finally found one of the three things that she was looking for, and then we decided that 2 of the other three were just not in stock.

So we headed over to the Target by Valley West Mall. We found 1 of the remaining items. the last one (a wrap) we couldn't really find, cause well, it's just not the right season I guess. I also ended up buying Ocean's Twelve (which I have never seen before).

So we headed back to her place, and on the way back we stopped by her office. They were supposed to deliver a big dinosaur for her boss's 50th birthday, but when we got there (around 9:30) it still hadn't arrived. So we watched the news and a little bit of the Tonight Show and then she gave me the boot and I headed home.

So last night, she came over and we had Pizza for dinner. Then we made cookies! Mmmm...cookies. So I bought all this fresh fruit when I went shopping about a week ago and I need to use it before it goes bad. so I wanted to use something that at least used some fresh fruit, and so I figured out a way. We picked up some chocolate chips, and started making cookies. I had Shannon chop up the apples (I helped) and we mixed it together. After trying to fit two baking sheets into the oven, I gave up and moved to just one. The cookies turned out good.

They are getting good reviews from my co-workers today.

So a little after the news, much to my feelings of loss, she headed home. But I get to see her again tonight...along with a few other people too, I suppose. And then after she get's done with work on Saturday, she's all mine for the rest of the weekend :) We're going to go see Grease this weekend, so that should prove fun.