Game night III

So last night, Game night III happened.

So Shannon showed up first, and we got some time alone before other people showed up. I helped feed her (she made the sandwhich I provided the ingrediants). So after she finished her dinner I poured myself up a glass of Umberto Fiore Moscato D'asti. Shannon sampled it (Ryan, Jen and Holly sampled it later), but over the night I pretty much drank it all. We ended up sitting on the front stoop, waiting for others to arrive, and shortly we weren't disappointed. Ryan arrived a bit later and then Josh and Adam. So they had brought some Rifts books and are starting some charecter generation for the rifts campaign over the summer. So the wine was fairly sweet, but good, I may have to buy another bottle. Now my wine "collection" is down to my favorite bottle (which keeps rising in price every time I buy it and now it's around $45 a bottle).

So over the night, we had Shannon, Ryan, Adam, Josh, Jen, Will, Torrey, Brandon, Val, Holly, Chris, Jerry and Renee.

I played some Gin Rummy with Shannon, then played some hearts with Shannon, Holly and Jen. We played until Shannon left (she had to work this morning, and after a bit of a struggle (Jen's pretty good) I ended up having the lowest score (although we couldn't finish the game).

I walked Shannon out to her car and we made our good byes and it's only a few more hours until I get to see her again. :)

Then Chris, Ryan, Holly and I ended up playing Settler's of Cataan. This makes me happy. I bought the game and this is the first time I've actually gotten to play the game! Ryan ended up winning, but from time to time, being the host, I had to run off and take care of this or that thing, or the other.

So people started leaving during the game. And by the end of the night (I put a close time on the night of 3:AM) It was Ryan, Adam, Will and I out on my back deck just shooting the breeze. While they were out ther e for part of it I was cleaning up the house, so I didn't have so much to do this morning...and I really don't...some sweeping, a few more dishes, but all in all it's mostly done.

A bit before three, Will, Adam and Ryan headed out, and because I was a bit concerned, Josh ended up crashing in my spare bed. And...well...he's still up there. oh, and people seemed to like the cookies...although some of them were all the way done, I guess

Over all, a pretty good night I think. I think people had fun. I like being a host.

Oh, I did go shopping before peoeple were here, and I spent 20 minutes or so, walking up and down the isle that had the Scotch in it, just thinking about buying this 85$ bottle of scotch...I ended up not...but maybe one of these days.