being busy...

So I've been busy over the last few days, so here's some highlights.

So last night I mowed my lawn, and Shannon came over and did her laundry. She was over pretty late, cause she started late. Here is a conversation that occoured (at least close to it):

Shannon: We'll be a family soon
Sam: A what?
Shannon: A family, you, me and my two kids, my cats.
Sam: So does that make me their step dad?
Shannon: I suppose so.
Sam: Does that mean I get to beat them?

So Shannon is awesome too...even though she wants to go see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, she said I should go see it with my friends (on opening night). She can't go cause she has to work the next day and we're going to the late showing. I just bought a ticket on Fandango, so we'll see how that works out. It was easy...and if I don't have to wait in line for the tickets, it's all the better I guess.

Tuesday I went to the JDRF, Greater Iowa Chapter, awards dinner on Tuesday. I was invited by Courtney for my help with her fund raising. JDRF's walk raised just over $2 Million for the charity. It was JDRF's first $2 million + walk. So that's kinda cool. The dinner was actually pretty nice and I met Courtney's Parents and Grandparents. The award ceremony, however, was really long and..well...boring. But Courtney got two awards, one for her group raising over $5000 (over 8000 I think) and one for individually raising over $5000. After the ceremony I headed over to Shannon's. She had been doing some spring cleaning that day, in preperation.

Monday I had planned on mowing the lawn, but rain prevented it. So I stayed later at work instead...stayed late on tuesday too...I headed over to Shannon's after changing on monday. We hung out.

On Sunday...we were sitting around and we kinda figured out how things will work out financially when she movies in. Yes, I said when. As it stands right now, she'll be moving in, in June. So I figured that since she makes 1/4th of the total income of the house, when she moves in, then she can pay 1/4 of the total bills. Seems fair. She told her mom, but has yet to tell her dad (yeah I'm afraid he might come over here and whoop my ass). I still have to officially tell my parents, even though I've hinted at it here a few times, and they do read my journal...or at least my dad does.

Oh...Wednesday, Nathan called and said they had sold their house, and will be moving back to Cedar Rapids in late May, early June. Woo!