going to the doctor

So I went to the doctor. Got a weighed in. Got blood pressure taken, the nurse didn't think that she was giving an accurate reading, so she was gonna leave it to the doc to take again. So I told 'em about the headaches I used to get, the excersize I do now, the weight I've lost, the caffiene that I now only ocassionally have, the smoking I don't do anymore...

So The nurse left and the doc doc came a bit later. Said pretty much the same things. She poked and prodded me, confirmed that my blood pressure was still dangerously high (150/120) so she wanted to check a bunch of things to make sure that it's not something other then myself making it so high (some disease). She did mention, in talking about my snoring, that sleep apnia can cause your blood pressure to rise. So she was really concerned about the level. So she wanted a blood and urine sample and to take an EKG.

So she left, and the nurse came back in and gave me the EKG. Which I passed. There were a few spikes that she wanted to check into, but for the most part I'm perfectly normal as far as that is concerned.

Another nurse came in and drew blood out of my right arm. Then sent me off to pee in a cup.

So I left for a perscription for a 3 month supply of a high blood pressure med. And 5 more appointments. I have one next Friday to checkup on my blood pressure after being a week on the medication. One at Iowa Heart and one at Iowa Radiology (for tests). And the last two at Iowa Lung for a sleep study (initial consultation and the actual study).

The one thing that I thought was funny from all this was that the doc told me that I had really large tonsils for an adult.

So...I guess I was worried for a reason. I didn't want to really go on pills, but what's the alternative? To keep damaging my insides with blood flowing through there like nobody's business?

So I'll head to drug town after work on my way home and pick up my first set of pills.