CPAP and some errends

So I left work a little early and headed down to Iowa Health Home Care to pick up my CPAP machine. So they told me how to use it, how to clean it and all that. It was interesting. Apprently, my insurance company is renting it, and at some point they will buy it for me, if I use it long enough.

I am still not sold on the idea.

There are things that I have to wash daily, things that I need to do twice weekly and things I need to do monthly. The care for the machine is...well...quite annoying it seems like it will be alot. I have decided to forgo starting this weekend and wait for the struggle til monday.

So after I did some things at home, Shannon and I ran a few erreds, picked up Dusty's Camera to use (better quality pics, bigger memory card then mine, Thanks Dutty!. And headed back here to plan out the rest of our trip to the Kansas City. We printed off maps, wrote some email to Shannon's friend down there and just got kind of ready.

I kinda never thought that I would be the kind of guy to go on weekend trips, but I guess I am. And we'll see how things go.

Next weekend, we head back to Cedar Rapids to see her Nephew in a dance recital.

I have thoughts rolling around in my head, but they are all good, some of them are about timing, some are about work, and some are about reaction.