Short Summary

560 miles driven (the most for my car in a three day span)
247 pictures taken (thanks again Dutty!)
140 (or so, can't tell for sure without finangling my ipod into connecting with lappy) songs played on the iPod.
5 bottles of BBQ sauce
4 shot glasses
2 stuffed white tigers
1 white tiger mug
1 cat toy

I took notes so I can remember all the things we did (yeah I know, I'm lame). We both had a good time, we both are still alive and talking to each other :) It also gave us a chance to talk about some things on my mind, and her mind. We're talking about Christmas stuff and things....mmmm...future.

So there have been a lot of changes going on in my life and it's been tough for me. I've never been one that goes to change really quickly. But between work, Shannon, friends, and all this medical crap going on, I'm having trouble keeping up (I think it's the medical stuff). The whole CPAP mask thing I still haven't done and I'm not doing it tonight either. I'm tired during the day, sure, but not exausted and the idea of wearing a mask for the rest of my life is just obscene. I've got a while between (about a month) now and my follow up appointment about my sleep study. So so far, it's a pill, change in diet (low sodium, high potassium), blood pressure monitor, CPAP, and I suspect I'll be getting another pill on Friday.

Anyhoo it's late, and I'm tired.