Shepherd's Pie

It was once again movie night. Being our turn to host, I decided to make a Shepherd's Pie.

I followed a basic recipe from Cook's Illustrated, but modified it with a few ideas. Basically it came down to making mashed potatoes, cooking the meat, resting it, using the same pan to make the sauce (garlic, onions, then flour and tomato paste), juicing up the sauce (chicken stock, Worcestershire sauce). Reducing it a bit, adding the meat back, adding the veggies (carrots, peas and corn). Taking the mixture and put it in a baking pan, cover it with the mashed potatoes. Bake it for a while (350). Take it out, cover it with cheese and broil it for a few minutes.

It turned out pretty good, though I should've cooked the onions for less time and added less tomato paste (gave it too much of a tomato flavor). The Hettinger's seemed to enjoy it too.

We watched Sullivan's Travels. It was...pretty funny. There were times where I thought that it was a very stereotypical portrayal of people, and then others, it seemed very real. It ended up having a fairly cheesy ending, but it was good over all.