More Snippets

We went to Avenue Q at the Civic Center. We had front row seats...for whatever magical reason we were able to get them. It was the Sunday afternoon performance, so maybe that's why...The extra leg room was nice. The show was fun and funny. I laughed quite a bit and it reminded me about getting out of college and even now.

Over the last few weeks, I've watched my 401k loose about 7% of it's value, including about a 2% loss, just yesterday (since it's peak). I'm glad I don't need that money anytime soon, but it's still depressing to see. I guess it is a good time to buy? Let's hope so. I have been tracking it on Google Finance. It's been pretty handy...though I only use it over the other ones (that I've not tried) because I have a google account...

There are new pictures of Broderick have been posted.

George (the cat) has been a rotten little kitty. Early Monday morning, I woke up to George crawling between the sheet and the blanket over me, on his way to attack Gracie (the cat). Between the two of them, it's been a fairly regular wake up call at around 4:AM. Though shutting them out of the room, would also not be god, since George has what seems to be a separation anxiety and anytime you close a door (bathroom, etc), he'll paw at the door from the other side. This morning wasn't so bad, since I think I only just barely woke up (George ran across the bed)...but it is getting annoying.