Let the Ice Fall

So despite having "no travel recommended" warnings, Shannon still had to work this morning, and being that she doesn't particularly like driving in inclement weather, she asked me to take her. So I, being the dutiful husband that I am, did as I was asked. I wasn't even digging into weekend sleep time, since, as has been happing a lot lately, I've been waking up very early (5:30 this morning).

The roads weren't too bad, driving carefully. Some very slick spots. I drove her over to work, and then drove to my office. I figured since my office is much closer to her work then home, it'd mean less time on the road doing it this way. I got some work done...working for the first weekend in quite a while.

Shannon gets of work at one, so at around 12:20, I went out to the car to warm it up...and then proceeded to lock the keys in Shannon's car. Luckily for me, the passenger door was unlocked, so I was able to get back in, but for a bit, I was a bit freaked out.

After a bit, I headed back to get her...the roads were slushy and wet, but not near as slippery anymore.

Anyways...we're home and safe...and I don't think we're plaining on going anywhere.