I felt so manly

Saturday, we had a plumber out, since the laundry room floor seemed to be a bit damp...Apparently the pressure relief valve took a crap, and he replaced it.

In turning off the water, however, some of the sediment loosened and then proceeded to settle back in the aerators of 3 of our faucets. In figuring this out, I found that the way that the water works in this house is kind of silly. Anyways, I ended up taking off the aerator parts of the faucets, cleaned them out, and put them back on. It felt really good to do some work myself, and have it work right.

I made a another cheesecake on Friday night, with the intention of taking it over to the Boelman's. They didn't get any of the last one I made. So I made one just for them. Since Saturday turned out to be such a crappy day (weather wise), we went over on Sunday and had some cheesecake and watched Dexter. The cheesecake turned out much better then last time. I think water got in last time...making a bit wetter then it should be. I bought 18 inch wide aluminum foil to wrap my 9 inch springform pan in. It works a lot better. I was able to to cut out nice perfect slices, rather then the sloppy mess (yet very tasty) that happened at the Halloween party. I was out of bourbon, so I ended up using Single Barrel Jack I guess it was a Pumpkin Single Barrel Jack Daniels Cheesecake.

I've been working silly hours. many nights until 6, some even till 7...I'm tired...but am trying to get as much as I can, done, before I present on Friday. I've also decided that I hate the "API" that they have in there the software. On the one hand, it's made some things easy, on the other, their code is slower then ox snot, so even generating simple forms is a lot slower then it would be if I just did them myself. If I had time, I would rewrite the application generator...but I don' it'll have to wait until the next step release.