Grumpy Sam-ta

So I headed out this morning, while Shannon is doing a half day at work, to run a couple of errands. I first started off going to the Beaverdale Post Office...went in...and saw a sign posted that it would be closed today. Then I headed over to the Forest Avenue Post Office, right next to Drake....and this one was also closed. I was thinking hey, they've got self service, maybe I can get the DVDs we made all priority mail enveloped and sent. So...I labeled, priority mail stamps. So at this point I was pretty frustrated. So I head to the main Des Moines post office. This one was open! You know, like it says it will be on their damn website. I wouldn't be so miffed if I hadn't checked the website and found that they were open, only to go and find they were not. Anyways, a few other people in line were mumbling about the Beaverdale office being closed. But, with all that, I got it setup and mailed to Shannon's uncle.

I headed back to our neighborhood and dropped by La Mie to pick up these sugar cookies with a lemon frosting (or lemon sugar cookies, either way, very delicious) that I brought home yesterday...since they were so good. I asked for two dozen...but they only gave me one dozen...but that's I came home, wrapped up the banana breads and put them into gift sacks for the families we're visiting.

Anyways...less grumpy now...

Woo Christmas!