Merry Christmas!

Crappy CR's like they didn't even plow...We dropped off our things at the Matta's and headed up to my parents....or at least tried to. Going up the normal way, we kept losing momentum until I decided it was best to just park and walk the rest of the way. I dropped off the Double Chocolate Banana Bread and the gift for my parents, and then we headed over to Shannon's parents.

We chatted for a bit before Kim and her family arrived. We feasted on the many things that Shannon's mom prepared. From cookies to cheese. The highlight of the night was the chicken soup she made from scratch which was very good.

I think through my vague whining in this here blog, Shannon's family tried to be a bit more organized this year. The effort is very appreciated. It is easier to pay attention to what is going on, when it is only about one thing at a time....After the opening of the presents, we watched the DVD of the 8mm films that we had transferred. It was nice to see the positive reaction of Shannon's family. A lot of work went into those film clips...and even if it wasn't hard, it was time consuming...After quite a bit of chatting, Kim's family took off, and then we did too.

We headed back to the Matta's and chatted with them well into the night, while they put the final touches on breakfast and Christmas for Taylor and Cali. Eventually we headed up to bed. The next morning, I heard Cali wake up...and then thought I hear Taylor, but I was mistaken...Eventually we had Christmas morning with the Mattas. After a very good breakfast, we headed over to my parents...

It was quite the day. My older brother's family was it made for a rambunctious time. We had a late lunch, which was very good. Joseph made smoked pork and turkey (the pork was better, the turkey was dry, but was still pretty good. I tried to get more pictures, but I forgot the change the battery in my camera, so I was stuck at a few pictures into the holiday...

We eventually headed back to the Mattas, for dinner, though we ended up not eating. And Jenny baked a cake for a Mom's Club even the next day. Dan Knoff came over and Scott and Jessica and we had a nice little Scotch tasting. It was pretty nice. a couple I've had before, most I had not.

We goofed off most of Wednesday, and said our good byes to meet Clif for lunch downtown (since he's working). I made an absolute mess of myself, spilled salsa on myself twice or so, a few times down the front of my shirt...quite silly...but afterwards, we said good bye, wished him good luck on his trip to Africa (heading that way in a few days) for a wedding.

The drive home was pretty easy, though at the end it got very foggy and started to snow a bit. We made it home safe and sound. It's nice to be home, it's nice to see the kitties. We did have some meaningful conversation about our future as parents over this trip...and though I don't think it is 100% for certain, yet...but I think we are leaning one way over the other...