Way to end vacation...

Today is the last day of my just shy of two weeks of vacation. While I'm glad to be on vacation, I'm happy to go back to work. The structure will do me some good. I've been staying up later and later and later. Even last night when I got in bed at around 10:30, I still ended up reading till 1 or so in the morning.

For New Years, we took a trip down to to Cedar Rapids for the second time over this break. We spent the evening with the Matta's, which has become kind of our tradition. We went to the Sushi House, which was...ok. It's good for Cedar Rapids, which doesn't have a lot of choices, especially in this area, but after such a short time since a trip for pretty good sushi, by comparison, Sushi House was...pretty lackluster.

We headed back to the Matta's, and them being childless for the evening (Taylor and Cali staying with Jenny's mom), Nathan and I dug right into the booze. We started off with some sweeter wines, I was hoping that Shannon would actually like, which I think she did. For both of us, though, our tastings were at a bare minimum, since we were both impaired by colds. I had trouble smelling (only strong odors came through), while Shannon had trouble with both taste and smell. But the highlight of the evening was the Cedar Ridge Vinyards Port. The port was reccomended by one of the find staffers at the Gateway Market. While both Nathan and I thought the Cedar Ridge Vinyards Port was a bit too sweet, and should be aged a bit longer in wood, it was better then the other bottle of port that we had, which name slips my head. This Port was something that you could sit down and have glass, just for fun...and at the price, it wouldn't be such an expense.

Nathan also broke out the last of his Absinthe, which he had gotten through a mistake made by someone close to them (they didn't know it was illegal to import at the time). Even though the cold, it had a strong odor...and tasted vile...and I mean vile. Even after I added a whole lot of sugar, it was still just nasty.

We eventually played Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit, to ring in the new year...and by the end of it was Was having trouble rolling dice, reading questions and giving answers... I often gave answers for other internal filter was pretty much gone.

We headed to bed, and got up the next day had some lunch and headed over to Kim and Mike's (Shannon's sister and brother in law) for Sean's birthday. Luckily, it was not going to be at Chucky Cheese this year. For me, especially this year, this was a good thing, since the noise of the place, the kids, and the vile food would have not gone well with the way my body felt. It was nice and simple, Sean got a nice pile of loot and we had cake and chatted with people for a few hours. And headed home. Unlike most times we take a trip to CR, we actually had to fill up on the way home.

Good weekend! Second visit to the Matta's and good times.

Oh and I just noticed this...I know that not all of the time that I've taken off is on this pay stub, but I'm still at 90% full PTO bank...though I guess another 10% will get taken off...on the next one...I guess less..since I'll earn a bit less...more like another 8%...but still..silly.