Our first Caucus

So I called Shannon at around 5:55 PM to see if she was coming home and she was on her way out of the parking lot. I packed her up a quick dinner and she got home, quick changed and we headed down to Monroe Elementary to Caucus...apparently a lot of other precincts were there too along with the Republicans as well...So we ending up parking about 3 or so blocks away from the school and hiking our way in. Hiked around the school and then waited in line. There was confusion about which line to be in, where to change our independent party to didn't seem very well organized.

We finally got into the Cafeteria and...well...for all the people in there, it was very full. So full in fact, that somebody apparently called the fire department to claim that we were breaking fire code. Since we probably were, we eventually headed out and switched places with another group (I think republicans) and went in the gym (where it was still crowded, but not near as bad).

We both caucused for Barack Obama. In our group we had over 400 people, which almost doubled the the amount at the previous caucus. Eventually we as a group sent 4 delegates for Barack Obama, 2 each for Hillary, Edwards and Richardson.

There was a lot of waiting, and a lot of being warm and a lot of counting. From leaving our house to getting back home it took about 3 hours.

Last night I went to see Barack Obama at Hoover High and even though a lot of things were, to me, fairly transparent ways to pump up the crowd, but it was still kind of fun to go to. He was a very good speaker too.

I don't know what it is for sure. If it's the words that Barack says or the the message of hope for a better future. Or Finally feeling a connection with a candidate. Or the realization that the time grows short for that one guy. Maybe it's a combination of all of them. I've never wanted to caucus before, but I'll probably go in the future...

Congrats to Barack Obama!