random ranting and other things

Well I guess I don't have much bad to say about mediacom, 2/3rds of my last payment came back. So I guess that's a good thing. I got the check about a week ago.

I'm sick of winter. The snow, then the warm up, then the icy snow, then a warm up...I heard we're over 50 inches for this winter...which, while isn't record breaking, is quite a bit above normal.

So with the kitchen cart, the saga continues. I finally opened up the big box that contained a door and two hinges...quite the over packing. To find out the door was the wrong one...but I only found it after I had to break the door that was on there (with the mis-drilled holes), to try to get it on. So I called and another door is on the way...hopefully for the last time.

I got my new glasses today. I got them from Russ' Uptown Optical, where I had what I think is the best eye exam I've had, and then proceeded to drop a chunk of change (mmm...pre tax dollars) on the new ones. They're pretty nice...light and the new coating on them makes the outside look quite a bit better.

I took the day off...I'm starting to like this every other Friday off thing...and considering I can do that and still gain time in my PTO bank (mine is 87% full).