Oh Noes!

Woot! It's the weekend...(taking off tomorrow to slow down the growth of my PTO bank)

Tomorrow I go pick up some more Iowa things for the "Remind Cam of Iowa" party over in Cedar Rapids for a friend who's in to visit from Japan. An apparently another that's taking a break from his school (gotta be grad school by now) studies to come down from Madison.

So my brother's got some Iowa Lamb, he's gonna smoke it on Saturday. Gotta get some more goats cheese (I ate some like the over eater that I am). And some pretzels. I've got some jam I'm gonna take over and I'll get some bread on Saturday (so It's nice a fresh). I got a bottle from Snus Hill winery (Holly this was the blush I was talking about that Shannon liked, it was the Sven Red). And Maybe I'll get some more...pick up some millstream (Iowa beer). Get some more Iowa things...

So...uh woo! I'm looking forward to it.