An odd time at the barber shop

I got my hair cut at my barber and their was this older gentleman there getting his hair cut (I think I was the youngest in there by at least 30 years). He wasn't big fan of Bush (because of what's been happening to his pocketbook). And he pretty much said that he thought McCain was not right in the head (can't argue with that), didn't really like Hillary, but having Bill around there would probably help out, and didn't really trust Obama. And he said, I shit you not, "He might want to put the whites into poverty".

I tried to explain that He's a Harvard educated man, and I doubt very much that it would possible for that to happen (Bush is already putting us into poverty), but I guess you got to expect some of that type of thinking...It still kinda makes me a little sick to think that this still goes on, but I know it does. I know I'm not really exposed to racism too much, but it's still bothersome.

The process continues...I'm looking forward to a final decision on this whole process.