Week 46 Cooking Results

Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast and Eden Farms Bacon

Mmm...bacon. The cinnamon Swirl Brioche was from Gateway Market. It turned out pretty good, I was happy. Especially since I re-toasted some in the toaster the next morning and had it for breakfast.

Chicken Paprikash (p23 Cook's Country October/November 2009)

I should've really called this an excuse to get rid of leftover chicken in my freezer. And now it's all gone! woo! This was good, I though I had nice mixture of the hot and sweet paprika (1/3, 2/3 of total).

Beef Stroganoff (p12 Entertaining Fall 2009)

I should've chopped the mushrooms smaller. Shannon wasn't a big fan of how many and how much the mushrooms were in there. So that was a draw back. I supposed if i diced them it could've been better. I still liked it though.

Quick Croque Monsieur (RC Cook's Country October/November 2009)

I had forgotten that we wer going out to eat with the makers of Juan O'Sullivan's, I had over planned for the week, so I thought this was going to be pushed until the next week, however movie night got cancelled (Chris and Holly not feeling so well), I ended up making this. It was quick and easy and tasty.

Grandma's Enchiladas (p27 Cook's Country October/November 2009)

Since we ended up going out to eat with Chris, Holly and etc I ended up not being able to make this, though I still have all the ingredients, so I'll be making this today.