Short Trip

After Shannon finished work on Saturday, we got ready, packed up and headed to Cedar Rapids. Being such a beautiful day, the roads were nice and light, traffic was light. Now I don't want to put the people in Cedar Rapids off, but I gotta say this.

While people in West Des Moines my drive like total jerks, you can kind of count on that behavior. People on I380 (and other places) near Cedar Rapids drive at random. It's quite ridiculous.

We arrived just as the girls were just being finished packed into the minivan to head off to Grandma and Grandpas for the evening. We said good bye to them and went inside.

A short bit later, Nathan arrived back and we headed out to Scott's for his Annual wine party. Already it was going much better then it did before, since it wasn't so damn cold (so much so that last year, even under a nice buzz, I was freezing).

We arrived a bit late at 6:45 or so...which seemed a bit early. But we had several tastings. Shannon liked one or maybe two (which is better then normal). I think I was in not a good way cause by the end of the night my palette was exhausted and I totally didn't recognize a Zinfandel that I should have. Some of the others, I came close, but for the most part didn't do well.

After a long day, we called it a bit early and headed home to go to bed (I think we're getting old). We spent some time in the morning playing with the girls and then headed back home.

I was shocked, just shocked at how many people were at the Panera when we went to before we headed out of town. I think a french style bakery / cafe could do good business there. I know that La Mie for Sunday Brunch is always packed with lots of people just coming in for coffee, pastries and bread.

We got home after another light traffic driving day. Our kitties seemed happy to see us...even though their bowls of food were still fairly full.