March 2009 Game Night

I think this was a rousing success!

We started off with Will, Eric (who was a senior when I was a junior in high school, probably the first time I've seen him in 15 years), Shannon and myself playing Uno, just to start off the night. Will won (finally) (edit, I really wasn't paying that close attention obviously).

Then as more arrived (Proctor, Chris, Holly and Dave, Courtney and Dave), we started playing Munchkin.

This took the rest of the evening, for those who weren't here when we started, we added them in as we continued on.

This game was a combination of the silliness, constantly changing rules and sometimes confusion. It was very very fun though. I think with 9 people we had playing by the end it was a little long...but with 6 or 7 people playing it would probably be fairly quick and still pretty silly. The sort of screw your neighbor aspect of it also makes it fun. I help Chris, through a little misunderstanding I kind of screw myself (with the help of Dave) and then, later, I take my vengeance on them both.

After many hours, Eric teamed up with me, so that we could both win. After many people fighting off people at level 9 trying to win, the cards people had to play were diminished and we able to squeak out a victory.