Week 9 Cooking Results

After a relatively short list from The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook, it turned out to be not to bad. Though most things needed a little more salt. It was a good use lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The recipes were simple, and easy, but mostly spiced pretty tamely. Though I suppose it's a general cookbook for older folks with bland tastes.

Hummus (p 142) with Whole Wheat or Pita Bread (p 275)

The hummus was easy to make and pretty good. Though I added a bit more stuff then the recipe asked for, including some Franks Red Hot and Chipotle Tabasco. It was so easy that I was shocked that I actually have paid for this before. I guess you live and you learn. But it made a nice pita wrap and I actually used it a couple of days this week as a sandwich filling (with pepper jack and yellow mustard, pretty good) for my lunch.

Scrambled Eggs with Peppers and Mushrooms (p 127)

No milk, but lots of veggies...funny enough I think it was actually more veggies then eggs and I added an extra egg. But this actually still worked. And there was actual garlic in there too...I remember when I had a garlic egg combo catastrophe (what I did, no recipe, was gross). But it was ok...especially after I added a dash of salt on the top.

Leon's Pita Salad (p 192)

This was pretty good too. Adding a small amount of oil and lemon to it created a good dressing and made a good salad...though it doesn't stick with you very long. Both Thursday night and for me after eating it for lunch on Friday it was followed by some pita chips and the hummus.

Cajun Season Chicken with Mustard and Lemon (p 96)

I uh...didn't buy enough lemon at the beginning of the week. So I vaguely followed this recipe. The Cajun seasoning and then adding mustard after the first pass, actually enhanced the flavor. I served it with corn.