some other stuff

Yesterday I got a check in the mail for $2.80 as a refund for a slight overpayment on my car payoff. I'm still waiting for the title, though. But even so, I think I can take that as a sign that yes my car is officially paid off. Even though I did already call to confirm it was so. I do feel a bit anxious about it, since two days ago, I would've sent in a payment.

This week I headed down to the Apple Store and got a brand spanking new base model 24" iMac. Since the base model pretty much had every thing I wanted (I only vaguely wanted the keyboard with the number pad, but without is fine too, I guess). After going into the store and seeing how huge the thing is, I almost backed out, went home and ordered the 20" iMac...seriously...this thing is huge. But the nearing 3 year old MacBook that we had was struggling to keep up and running out of drive space. So the plan here is to keep the iMac with all the good stuffs (pictures, music, etc) and then replace the battery in the MacBook and use it for the type of couch surfing...

On that matter, a concern came up. Since this desk has a stand for a monitor and the iMac is so big it won't fit in the space, it's sitting right up front...which leaves a space behind it...the kind of space where a kitty could hide...and if got scared...maybe perhaps hop and bump the iMac and make it go boom. So we talked about it and we gonna start the hunt for a glass and metal desk, to go with the entertainment center and tables we bought. I found a few online, and for Shannon's birthday we're gonna buy matching lamps for our bedroom (or the living room). Since, right now, we only have one. Which makes reading at night pretty hard. So if you've seen some cool looking metal/glass desks...let me know.

Financially, since paying off the car, we've freed up quite a bit of month to month capital. I basically took the money I was paying to the car subtracted a bit and added them to the two payments made to the credit card. So with the tiny, but welcome, pay bump combined with the reduction in gas costs and the extra money, it's made us have quite a bit more breathing room. Which reduces stress. We're able to go out more and not worry about it, which is nice.

I had a great visit with my doctor this week on my 6 month checkup. My blood pressure wasn't just good, but, and I quote, "great". I don't have headaches like I was having (I did have a stress induced headache last week...but I was under a lot of stress). So we've found the right mixture of drugs. So basically I need to concentrate on weight loss (and keeping it off).