Week 35 Cooking Results

This week was quite random, and proceeded of emptying out the fridge, for the most part. We pared down the types of cheese from around 6 or 7 down to 3. Used lots of leftover pulled pork (sandwiches).

Last night I used La Quercia Apple Wood Smoked Bacon to make Mostacholi alla Carbonara. I thought I had spaghetti or linguine in the cupboard, but when I not so much. The bacon was very good, quite quite tasty, but at, if I remember right around $17 a pound, I'd rather use Vande Rose Farms Dry Cured Bacon. It did turn out very well and was quite taste, but seriously, anything with that much bacon fat is going to taste good.

An odd note here, both Shannon (who rarely remembers them) and I had strange dreams last night, mine actually woke me up.

The Eden Farms pork burgers were good, but I would've preferred ground pork. So perhaps I could have mixed something or another into it...but it was very good by itself.

The fridge is still more full then I would like it at the end of the week, but it's getting better.