2017 - Week 30 Cooking Results

Beer - Marinated Roast Chicken

I used some chicken thighs that we had in the freezer, and marinated them with some Sam Adams Boston Lager (good enough, but not too expensive to marinate chicken in) and some nice oranges.  I then roasted the chicken.  It had a minor beer flavor (minor enough that Shannon didn't comment on it).  I thought aleppo pepper, but I don't think it made the last spice drawer cut, so I just used some simple salt and pepper.

Roast Chicken Salad with cucumber

Little greek yogurt (using leftovers), some Grade A Gardens cucumbers, and some other things to clean out the fridge a bit.  Good stuffs.

Pork Larb

Salty flavorful pork combined with clean greens.  Good stuffs.

White Park Hamburgers

That white park beef is good.  The last time I made hamburgers before that I was a bit frustrated and just bought some really terrible pre-made patties at the store nearest me.  Mostly flavorless, bad texture.  I'm reminded why I buy meat that is a. grown right; b. is clearly distinctive; and c. butchered at a place that actually cares (Story City Locker).


Easy.  Done.