2018 - Week 19 Cooking Results

Taco Salad

The ever adaptable taco salad.  A little tweak here, a little twist there.  This time we had farm fresh radishes and greens to put on the salad.  Good as always.

Spring Garlic Risotto with Chicken

I baked chicken thighs in a pan, with salt.  I paid attention to make sure they didn't go over.  I then slowly made risotto.  I know Shannon loves her some risotto, so I made extra.  Nice spring garlic taste, with savory notes.  Good Stuffs.

Pimento, Salami Rosa and greens sandwich (idea stolen from the cheese shop)

Grilled cheese w/ bit of thought.  Flavorful.

Brats (Lucky George)

Always a good thing.

Scrambled Eggs with Ricotta

I had this leftover ricotta, and skimmed a recipe about combining the two.  Not a bad mix.

Pork Chops

Wooly pig pork chops.  Gave them a nice sear, then let the internal temperature slowly come up to the right temp.  Nice and juicy.