2018 - Week 20 Cooking

This past week I went out to Vaudeville Mews to see P.O.S.  It has been a while since I've gone out to see a concert on my own, and this was one that accidentally made me do so.  While the performance was strange as he had a bit (or a lot) of vertigo, it felt very connected and I'm glad I went.  I did spend the first part after the doors opened, reading a bit.  I suppose I could've attempted to socialize, but I'm not very good at starting that.  I'm glad I went, even alone, and enjoyed it.

Friday, I took the day off again.  I was tasked for finding a replacement ceiling fan.  After searching and research, I found one that I thought would work.  Then ordered it to pickup in a Lowes store.

Having other errands to run, I got ready to leave the house, then headed off to JC Penny's to find some work clothes (and spend the gift card from my mom-in-law).  I found a couple of deals, a couple of acceptable items, one super good deal (91% off).  Ended up getting 7 items for just under $100.  I headed out to the parking lot to check in on the pickup at the store item at Lowes.  I called, after bouncing around a bit, finally talked to someone, who said they'd call me back.

I headed to Whole Foods to pick up a couple of things.  The idea for me, was Pennys > Lowes > Whole Foods > home.  So as lowes was out of the loop, I made my way home.  After a bit of time, I finally tweeted about my frustration and after a bit of responsive twitter lowes, I finally got a call back.  Apparently the items shipped to the store had not survived the trip and were not removed form stock.  Which is fair enough, but still a frustrating experience.  Then I got offered a ceiling fan from a friend (thanks Keith!), and this sounds like the new plan.  I still thought about the fan, which would probably be more effective in the living room.  So the plan changed.  Then I remembered that I'd have to run electricity and create a new light socket, which to me sounds expensive, so I'll get quotes on that.  So I cancelled my fan in store pickup.  I often complain about inventory management.  I understand it's hard to get accurate information, but if you are going to display that, it's the responsibility of everyone to get the data as correct as possible.