2018 - Week 24 Cooking Results

So after reading some about elderflowers after Wabi Sabi Farm posted about it, then talking with them at market, I went down the road a bit with some experimenting with elderflowers.  After I made a cocktail / mocktail (3 small strawberries, 2 T strawberry puree, 2-3 T elderflower syrup, over ice, topped with sparkling water, and gin (2-3 shots) if you are so inclined).  I do think I need to version the elderflower syrup, I used a 1:3 ratio and the juice of one lime, as I don't need as much sugar in my life.  Looking at a cross section of elderflower syrup recipes, they tend to soak it for a lot longer.  I've seen time frames from 5 minutes to 48 hours, which seems like a range of flavors and tastes.  I'm tempted to buy a syrup, but I'm pretty sure I a. don't want to spend that much money and b. need another bought syrup in my fridge (still have a lot of tonic syrup left).  I steeped the flowers for about 20 minutes.  It does have a decent smell and a mild taste, but is oft lost in the strawberries and gin.  So more things to try. More tweaking to do.  I may try elderflower alcohol next week.

Chicken Salad (Chicken on Salad greens)

This turned into a sandwich.  Cause that's what was wanted.  I roasted the boneless skinless chicken thighs and chicken thighs for the other salad at the same time.  It was an effective use of the oven as the temperature kept increasing this week.

Chicken Salad (Chicken mixed with mayo and etc and put on a sandwich)

A simple combination of chicken, celery, some pickles, some other good things and put on bread or buns.  Quick and simple, as the cooking was done the day before.

Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue Brats (Lucky George)

Served to me with the Pseudo Sue.  Good things.  This would make a good cook out combination.

Chopped Pork (leftover Cuban pork) Tacos

Combined with beans, tomatoes, and warmed up it made a good meat part for a taco salad.

Daeji Bulgogi (Adjusted)

I expected this to be a bit spicy, but not excessively so.  And for me, I could tell that it was building into an area that I enjoy, but my dear wife does not.  So I warned her, and her being the dutiful taster that she is, tried, but then couldn't take the heat.  I felt bad, and made her scrambled eggs (Blue Gate Farm) instead.  I baked the sauce, onions and pork in the oven at 375 for a bit until the pork was about the right temperature.  Some was a bit over (as I didn't consistently slice the tenderloin), but to much so.  I enjoyed it, but feel bad for my wife.

White Park Beef Burgers (Lucky George)

Salt, little buns, good stuff.