exploring beaverdale...and a bit more

So around 7, Dave came over and we headed down to "downtown" Beaverdale to see all the sights and sounds that Beaverdale Fall Festival has to offer.

There were a 3 stages (one empty when we walked by) quite a few food vendors, and a few beer stands here and there. There were a few canival rides and some inflatable rides. There was one where you run from a point that you are attached to and try to put a block down as far away as you can. So the kids would run and then get snapped back. That was pretty funny. So it mostly seemed like a family event.

After a awhile we both got bored so we went to this video store called "Best Place Ever". So we rented a couple of movies, stopped a Dahls on the way back and got some snacks. We got Miller's Crossing (a Coen Brothers Film) and Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. Yes...that's right, I said Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. Miller's Crossing was good...not great, but good. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter...well...was one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. In fact I'm having trouble thinking of a movie that is worse...that I've seen. So here's the plot. Jesus Christ, comes back, and kicks vampire ass. Vampires who just happen to be largely made up of lesbians (first line of the movie: Where have all the lesbians gone?). So some of the fight scenes include the lesbian vampires kicking JC in the junk, on a beach. A bunch of Atheists coming out of no where (almost running JC down) and then attacking him ninja style. Later, jesus blesses a glass of beer (making it holy I guess) and splashes it on the vampires. The movie was so bad, it was almost a funny way.

So after the movie dave took off...and a little bit later I passed out.