watching the shatner, having anxiety

So laundry day went pretty well. I made buffalo burgers and fries, it turned out pretty good. I broke out my george foreman grill for the first time in a while.

Financially I am slowly moving forward. Things are progressing relatively well. Soon I will have larger debt in less places, which I guess is ok...still kinda scary. But after it is all done then I will be able to make larger payments to places and just kinda put together how much money I can spend in a particular month. After all is said is done, all my debt, save for my car loan, will be tax deductable! Which is good.

Last night after an errend or two, I headed over to Shannon's and watched the 3rd episode of the Shatner show about Riverside, Iowa. It's got one more, on tonight. But it's been pretty cool.

Tonight, Shannon and I and a few friends (Jen, Josh, etc) are going to see Sin City. The first few previews that I saw were kinda bleah...but the ones I've seen recently have been really increasing my desire to see it. The reviews about it are good too, so hopefully it's a good watch.

So Sunday, we'll be heading down to Cedar Rapids. Shannon will be meeting my parents (and probably a couple of my brothers), and I'll be meeting her parents. So this is kinda the first time that I've met a girlfriends parents, when I didn't already know them. It is creating a bit of anxiety. I talked about it with Shannon last night and she did say that she had the same type of feelings. I'm just worried about making a good first impression. I want it to be real good. I've had several people say that I shouldn't worry cause, well, I can make good first impressions. I am often reminded of some of the really awful first impressions that I have made. Oh well...worry only gets you worried...doesn't really accomplish anything.