Sin City, Granite City, and Nappy

So last night, I sent off another pay off check and dropped it off in the mail on my way over to Shannon's. She was hungry, so we headed over to Quiznos, ate and then headed over to the mall. We were very early, so we wondered around and checked out some stores, candles, body stuff, books.

Later, we met up with Josh, Adam and Tiffany, Jen, and Dusty and went to Sin City...and I gotta say that it really felt like I was reading a graphic novel. The splashes of color, the lines, the backgrounds. It really was visually appealing. There were a few things that I noticed, that seemed a bit odd, but maybe it was the point. Like for example they had a scene where they were near the dock, and one would expect sounds of the sea, but there were none...but I think that was more keeping with the graphic novel feel of the movie. It makes me wanna go out and buy more graphic novels. My problem is I don't know how appealing it would be on a small screen or a non-HD TV (I heard it was filmed in HD). But it was a change of pace. I am also really excited about the new Star Wars movie, cause it actually looks good, and Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, which, from the previews, looks like it really is keeping with the humor of the book.

Afterwards, some were hungry, so we headed to Granite City and ate. Shannon and I split some crab cakes, they were good. We ate, chatted and talked.

Afterwards, Dusty and Jen headed back to the crib, and the rest of us headed towards Josh's. We watched Old School and I fell asleep and took a little nap.

I took Shannon home, after driving around her apartment complex for a bit not able to find a parking spot, I finally parked illeaglly and walked her in. After some chatting, we made our goodbyes, and I headed home.

This morning, I took my car to Mr. Carwash and got it detailed. It's all shiney on the inside and out...and I'm poorer. But just to look at it all shiney in the sun....mmm...sparkley...