lazy night at home, for the most part

So Dave stopped by a bit after I got home from getting my car detailed, and worked on my bicycle to see if it was worth salvaging. Apprently since I had kept it in storage it wasn't in to bad of shape, even though I haven't ridden it since I got hit by a car. So he inflated the tires, checked the pressure, greased the chain. So I rode it around the dead end street...and it felt pretty wierd, I haven't really been on a bicycle in like 6 or 7 years or so. Anyhoo...thanks Dave!

So I head in and pretty much play Gran Turismo 4 all afternoon. Around 5 or so I'm getting pretty tired of playing, so I gave Shannon a call...and leave her a message. Apprently I am gaining a knack to call her while she's in the shower. So a bit later she calls me back and eventually heads over to go to eat.

We tried to go to Palmers, but it was closed, then we headed to Waveland, but she wasn't really in the mood for breakfast, so we head into Beaverdale, and go to Christopher's, which I've been meaning to try for a while. It is a relatively nice Italian resturant. The food was pretty good. While we were in there eating, Charles Gabus, of Charles Gabus Ford, came in...I recognized the voice from the commercials almost immediately.

So We headed back to my house, and gave a call to Jen and I left a message to see if anything was up for the evening. Then I chatted with Josh a bit and asked him to give me a holler if anything came up for the night. But apprently nothing was going on. We ended up hanging at home and watching BASEketball and some TV and eventually Enterprise. After that, she headed home, cuase we're heading down to Cedar Rapids here in a few hours.

I'm looking forward to spending the day with her, but am still a bit anxious about meeting her parents.